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How do I access the class once I've paid?
After registering for class, you’ll receive a confirmation email that includes a link to access your class. Or, you can simply return to the class details page at your class start time (you can register for the class up until the start time). You can also use the “Add to Calendar” button on the class details page to set a reminder in your calendar. The reminder will include a direct link back to the class.

Paid with PayPal™:
If you paid via PayPal™, once you land on the class details page, at the scheduled start time, the class will be unlocked and you will see the livestream once the instructor begins streaming.

Paid with “Other” payment:
If you paid via “Other” payment methods, you will need to enter the student code provided by the instructor into the “Student Code” field on the class details page. You will receive the code from the instructor after paying via the payment method requested by the instructor. Once you enter the code the class will be unlocked and will begin as soon as the instructor starts the class.

What do you do next? Where do I go?
All you have to do is return to the class details page, at the start time. You can always find the class on the instructor's page.
What do I need to do to take this class?
Access to the internet and enough space to move around comfortably! Make sure you have water and a towel handy too.
What time should I log in to the class?
Just before the official start time of the class, to ensure you don’t miss anything.
Are there any system requirements or recommendations?
We recommend your minimum internet speed is at least 5Mbps to participate in a Zumba® Livestream Class.
What browser should I use to view the class?
Chrome and Safari are proven to work well for Zumba® Virtual classes. There have been reported issues when users use older versions of Edge. If you are using Edge, make sure you update to the latest version, or use Chrome instead.
Can I rewind the class?
Due to music licensing restrictions, we do not allow students to rewind a Zumba® Livestream Class.
What is student chat?
Zumba® livestream classes have a chat feature that is open to all registered students. The chat is available from the time registration opens until the class ends. Your instructor will receive the full chat transcript at the end of the class, so he/she will be able to see what was discussed during class.

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