Purchasing A Class

How do I purchase a class and what payment methods are accepted?
Each individual instructor sets the price of their class. Instructors have the option of accepting PayPal™ or other payment methods for the registration fee. In addition, instructors can set up their classes as donation only, which allows students to access the class with or without making a donation.
  • PayPal™: For classes where instructors offer registration by PayPal™. Simply click on the PayPal™ button on the class details page, and follow the instructions.
  • Paid Class via other payment methods: For classes where the instructor offers registration by payment methods other than PayPal™, it will be noted in the class “Registration” box. The instructor will share the “Student Code” that will allow you to access the class, once the “other” payment has been made.
  • Donations: For classes where instructors offer registration by donation, a donation is optional to access the class. Instructors will note if a donation based payment can be done through PayPal™, other payment methods or both.
Where can I buy Class Packages?
You can buy class packages by searching for them on your instructor’s page on zumba.com. You can also buy class packages on your instructor’s class details page on zumba.dance. They are also available on the Class Packages section on your profile on zumba.dance.
Does every Instructor offer a Class Package?
No. Only instructors who choose to create class packages will have packages available for purchase.
Are all of my Instructor’s classes available to me if I buy a Class Package?
If your instructor chooses to add all of their classes to packages then they will all be available. Your instructor can remove classes from being purchased via package.
How do I pay for a class after purchasing a Class Package?
Visit the class details page for the class you would like to purchase. You will need to be logged in with the account in which you purchased the Class Package. The page will know you have classes available and will ask you to confirm that you would like to use a class package to purchase the class.
Do Class Packages expire?
No, Class Packages do not expire.
What if my instructor does not have any classes available?
Please contact your instructor and let them know that they need more classes available. You can contact them via your Student profile on www.zumba.dance or via their instructor page on zumba.com

All payments will go directly to the instructor’s specified payment option. Zumba is not responsible for any payment issues; rather, all payment issues, refund requests or any other questions must be addressed with the instructor or the payment provider.

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