Student Profiles

How do I access my student profile?
The student profile can be accessed from the top nav on zumba.dance & clicking on the avatar (desktop) OR the hamburger menu (mobile)
How do I create a student profile?
Student profiles are automatically created for you when you register for zumba.dance
Can I change the picture on my student profile?
No, the image is pulled from FB or Google account used to register to zumba.dance. If we are unable to pull an image, we will display a stock avatar image.
Who can see my student profile?
The student profile is not visible or public to anyone else but the student him/herself.
I don't want a student profile? How can I get it deleted?
There currently isn't a way to remove/delete the student profile.
Why is "options" grayed out for certain classes?
If "Options" is grayed out for a specific class listing, this means that instructor is no longer a ZIN member.
Can we share classes on Instagram, or just FB, email and the class link?
You can share classes on IG by copying the class link.
If we are instructors, but have registered for classes, do we get student profiles, too?
Do we (instructors) get notified when someone saves us for their student profile?
How do I add classes to the Upcoming tab of my student profile?
Classes you register to on zumba.dance will be automatically featured on the Upcoming class tab of your profile. The Past class tab will show all existing classes you registered to.
How do I save an instructor?
You can save an instructor by clicking on the bookmark icon on the class details page of their class. When you save them, their classes will automatically be featured first on the class search page of zumba.dance.
What are Achievements?
Achievements are virtual awards given to students when they accomplish certain class milestones or streaks. It's designed to celebrate how hard you're working and track your progress as you get closer to your fitness goals. You can also earn a variety of unique trophies for completing your first virtual class, taking part in classes on certain special days of the year and many more. The Achievements section can be found in your "Student Profile" on zumba.dance.

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