Third Party Classes

How do I access the class once I've paid?
After registering for class, you’ll receive a confirmation email that includes a link to access your class. Or, you can simply return to the class details page at your class start time (you can register for the class up until the start time). You can also use the “Add to Calendar” button on the class details page to set a reminder in your calendar. The reminder will include a direct link back to the class.

Paid with PayPal™:
If you paid via PayPal™, the class access URL and password (if applicable) will be shown right after payment. You will access the livestream on a third-party site. Note: You can register for the class at any point before the class finishes.

Paid with “Other” payment:
If you paid via “Other” payment methods, the instructor will provide you with the class access URL and password (if applicable).

Donation based class:
Donation based classes are fully accessible, with the visible class access URL and password (if applicable), and don’t require a payment. However, if you feel inclined to make a donation, you can make a donation through PayPal™ or “Other” payment method depending on how the instructor sets up the class.

Each donation based class will have a suggested donation amount, set by the instructor. If paying by PayPal™, on zumba.dance, you will have the ability to edit the suggested donation amount if you’d like.
What do you do next? Where do I go?
Once you have the class access URL and password (if applicable), simply head over to the third-party site shortly before the class starts.
What do I need to do to take this class?
Access to the internet and enough space to move around comfortably! Make sure you have water and a towel handy too.
What time should I log in to the class?
Just before the official start time of the class, to ensure you don’t miss anything.

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